Stacey closed her twitter app and opened facebook, she closed that to open tumblr.

She scrolled down to see if she missed something…

No, she had seen it all before.

Stacy threw the Ipad down on the bed in frustration, tears formed in her eyes that she couldn’t explain.

She had one last look and noticed an image she hadn’t  before,

“Who is HappySmilingPeople?”she wondered.

She clicked on the icon and was sucked into the screen.

When she opened her eyes she was flying over fields in a zeppelin somewhere.

She smiled with an exhilaration never known before.


100 or maybe 101 words of flash fiction brought to by the lovely Madison Wood‘s picture prompt for Friday Fictioneers this week:

Join them it’s fun. a nice break from WIP’S that might be frustrating you (okay me) right now. 🙂

*Edited with help from the lovely Lindaura .

A Family Secret 13-Thanksgiving

Josh and Luis were scheduled to get there any minute. They were on holiday for Thanksgiving and it had been decided that Josh would come eat dinner with their family as his parents usually went on a cruise during this time of year. He would stay in the guest room that night and Luis, Lucy and he would go camping the next day and the next day after that if all went well.

Lucy always helped with Thanksgiving and the night before she had helped Janie make five different pies and her signature fruit salad with rice in it. This morning she had woken up early with her mom to get a start on the turkey and whatever else they could get started. Janie was still in the kitchen finishing up the last of the dishes.. Lucy would have been in there too but as the hour for the expected arrival grew closer, her hands grew clumsy and she was finally sent out of the kitchen to watch the parade with her dad.

Lucy was excited to see her brother again but he wasn’t the reason why she kept checking out the windows and pacing in the front hallway. Even her father noticed. He said that he would change her nickname to Grasshopper if she didn’t quit jumping up every five minutes. Every knock on the door made her rush to answer it, but so far it had only been her sisters and their families. Her eagerness for them to get there started to turn to worry, what if something had happened? She felt over warm and decided to go outside to wait instead.  She had just put on her sweater and was headed out when she heard her cousin Martha calling out to her.

“Hey Lucy, I wanted to introduce Brian to you officially.”

Lucy gave both  a big smile and firm handshake as she had always been taught to do. Martha’s eyes never left Brian’s face and her hand never left his arm, she looked blissed up and in love. This was a good thing, Lucy’s cousin had always been a good friend but had turned really boy crazy as she got older which had distanced them somewhat.

She had just returned with drinks for them when she saw Josh and Abel come into the living room archway. Josh was just as good-looking and charming standing there in her living room as he had been in her dreams. She watched him make his way into the room in an elegant but easy stride, stopping to be introduced when necessary. Lucy loved how he kept bending down a bit to be more on a level with those who came to say hello to him.

“And who is that nice looking fellow with Luis, besides a man who you are crushing on?” Martha’s voice brought her back to herself.

“Oh don’t be silly. That’s just Josh, he’s Luis’s good friend from San Antonio.” Lucy tried to sound unmoved by it but felt her face burning hot and excused herself to use the upstairs bathroom. She had been in such a hurry for  Josh to get there but her cousin’s lucky guess made her want to just hide herself away for the rest of the day.

Instead she returned to helping her mom out in the kitchen. By now her sisters had started helping out too and she struggled to find something to do. The first tray of rolls had already come out of the oven but Lucy knew that they would go fast. She told them all that  she would be on roll duty. Lucy pulled a tray full of the white mounds of dough and popped them into the oven and took out another tray and left them to rise in its place on the counter.

She stayed in the kitchen while her sisters took the rest of the food out and placed it on a buffet table they had set up in the dining room. Everyone would grab a plate and serve themselves and then find a seat among those scattered throughout the house. There was even a table set outside, as it was usual for the family to bring extra guests at the last-minute.

Once the timer dinged Lucy opened the oven to check on her rolls. The blast of heat that hit her face always made her turn away at first, but then she adjusted her eyes and when she saw that the rolls were golden and perfect, she took the out quickly.

The smell of freshly baked bread always made her sigh with happiness and she took a deep breath to calm her nerves before shaking the rolls off of the tray and into the napkin lined basket she had waiting.

She waited a few more seconds at the doorway and then walked out into the dining room. Everyone was in the middle of waiting in line and talking or serving themselves from the buffet. She thought of leaving the basket and then heading back to the safety of the kitchen for a minute. This is silly, she told herself, I’ll wedge my way to the table, set down this basket and then get in line. A familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.

This is a continuation of my Nanowrimo novel;for part 12 go here, part 14 can be found here. All past parts of this can be found on the  A Family Secret page. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

A Family Secret 12

Today was her Mom’s day to clean the church she regularly  attended and Lucy felt like she should be there to help. The church was a small mission without the extra money to hire a cleaning service so the members took turns doing the cleaning and yard work, usually signing up for days as a family. Lucy remembered helping with her brother when they were younger. She felt a slight pang of guilt, how long had it been since her mom had had any help cleaning the church? She had stopped attending church services for a while now. It hadn’t really been a conscientious decision, it had just happened.

She believed in God, and she believed in Jesus, she just didn’t quite do all of the things as a believer that she felt she should. It had been forever since she had last opened a Bible or even prayed. This seemed even worse to her because of what they had just been through,

Her grandma being sick, her mother grieving her loss, shouldn’t she have prayed for guidance or help?   It saddened her that the thought hadn’t even come to her.

Lucy had just finished up mopping the long hallway at the entrance to the church.  She was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear the footsteps behind her. All of a sudden a hand came to rest on her shoulder. She let out a gasp and jumped backwards.

“Sheesh, Lucy, I didn’t mean to scare you. What would you be scared of inside a church, anyway?”

“I’m sorry, it was nothing of course. You just startled me, I wasn’t thinking.  Or maybe I was thinking too much. What’s up?”

“I was just seeing if you were finished. Your dad wants to lock up already.”

“He finished all of the yard work already? Yes, I’m almost finished here, Mom. I guess I wasn’t much help here after all, huh?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m really glad that you came today.”

“I’m going to make sure and come with you from now on. And wake me up in time for church service tomorrow?”

Of course I can.” Janie felt guilty about the huge grin across her mother’s face. She didn’t know why she had stopped going to church in the first place and she didn’t know why she felt the need to go back now.

“Mom you used to be Catholic, right? How did you know that it was the right thing to become a Baptist? Or did you just do that for dad?”

“Lucy, you do not understand how strong my love was for the Catholic Church. My mother raised us all to be good Catholic girls, the priests used to drill into our heads what a big sin we would be guilty of if we ever left the church. I would have never have left my faith for a man. I didn’t leave the church for your father, when I got married I was still a Catholic. I converted years later after going to a few services at his church. And when I was called to that altar, I know that it was God calling me there.”

“What do you mean?”

“ I mean that I did not want to go up there. The whole time that the preacher was giving his invitation, I felt the need to go up there but I fought it. When I finally did walk up the aisle there were tears in my eyes, but not from guilt, from pure hardheadedness! But my going up there even though I didn’t want to go was enough, I was enveloped in this warmth, I felt God’s love for me for the first time and there was no going back after that. Back then we used to burn our trash and so when we got home I grabbed the trash that we had in the house and threw all of my saints and rosaries  in the bag and just burned it all. I felt like that was what I should do, and I still don’t regret that. However, that decision had a lot of consequences.”

“Grandma was angry.”

“Oh, your grandma was furious, they all were. I was so naïve and just on fire for the Lord, I think that I thought that I would convert my whole family.’

Janie could still see the faces of those that she loved yelling at her and then asking her to leave.

“I’m sorry I brought it up mom, especially now.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m sad that your grandma has passed but I am happy because I feel like I made peace with her. This would be unbearable if not for that. I wish we had had more time, but we were blessed to have what we did have.”

Lucy didn’t know what to say so she just hugged her mama until her father came in to see what was taking them so long.

This is a continuation of my Nanowrimo novel;for part 11 go here. All past parts of this can be found on the  A Family Secret page. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

The Snow Wolf

“Follow me.” he growled between closed teeth.

I followed, of course I did, it would be foolish to not  follow what the snow wolf bid of you. He bounded through the forest, making light work of the snowy banks, but I struggled. I was after all only human, as he loved to remind me.

What would have become of me had his mother not taken me in as a child, lost and alone in the woods? I was too young to take care of myself back then, much too young to know now why I was in the woods alone in the first place or what had become of my people.

“Hurry up Cassandra, they are waiting.”

Written for Madison Wood’s FridayFictioneers for the photo prompt shown above. I did go over 100 words, I think my count was 117- next time, I’ll get it next time! 🙂