Stacey closed her twitter app and opened facebook, she closed that to open tumblr.

She scrolled down to see if she missed something…

No, she had seen it all before.

Stacy threw the Ipad down on the bed in frustration, tears formed in her eyes that she couldn’t explain.

She had one last look and noticed an image she hadn’t  before,

“Who is HappySmilingPeople?”she wondered.

She clicked on the icon and was sucked into the screen.

When she opened her eyes she was flying over fields in a zeppelin somewhere.

She smiled with an exhilaration never known before.


100 or maybe 101 words of flash fiction brought to by the lovely Madison Wood‘s picture prompt for Friday Fictioneers this week:

Join them it’s fun. a nice break from WIP’S that might be frustrating you (okay me) right now. 🙂

*Edited with help from the lovely Lindaura .


The night wind screeched through the trees and chilled Meg to the bone.

“He’ll be back soon, I know he will,” she thought

She tried to make herself as small as possible. If they came, it wouldn’t matter. The Beings would sense her very heartbeat no matter how still she stayed or how close to the ground she kept herself. Her stomach rumbled reminding her why Ryder had ventured out to begin with.

Was that the wind that screeched?

When The Beings want you, you can’t stay hid for long-

When The Beings see you, you are as much as gone……


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