Pre- Mistletoe

Amy took a look at herself in her bedroom  mirror and instantly decided against the  mistletoe headband that she had put on. She shook her head once, causing the little berries dangling  there  to sway in the air and then took it off in disgust.

“Okay, so I guess it’s too late to wish for a radical transformation, seeing as how the Christmas shindig is happening in an hour. Looks like my fairy godmother let me down again huh,Snowball?”

Snowball, who was comfortably half asleep on top of the coat she had placed on her bed, opened one eye to look at Amy and promptly shut it again  burrowing his head deeper into the felted lining.

“Thanks a lot furball.” 

She applied another coat of lipgloss, smacked her lips  and then put it back into her little purse. She had considered the glittery eyeshadow that her friend Megan had brought over, but it wasn’t her. She. had visions of  being irratated by flecks of falling glitter all night and rubbing her eyes into Tammy Faye terrotory.  She didn’t need anything to make her feel more awkward. One more look into the mirror revealed her, shoulder length brown hair with a little curl to it, skin that could, it was true, use a little sun  and a petite frame. She wasn’t going to stop traffic but at least she was finally able to wear a little black dress without worrying about extra bulges where they shouldn’t be. She flattened the skirt with her hands and then did a little turn making  it swing slightly. 

“This is as gussied up as I get. At least I wore my hair down,right? Okay buddy off you go.”

She scooped up Snowball and deposited him in the center of her bed and then brushed off her jacket before putting it on. She threw on a scarf and wrapped it around her neck several times before leaving the apartment to walk the short way to her office.