Where is it?!!!

Sophia picked up the magazine from off the coffee table and shook it, when nothing came out she flung it aside and continued picking up papers and throwing each in turn.

“Whoa there, you never going to find it if you freak out like this, just calm down a little bit.” Phillip bent down to pick up the thrown aside items and ignored the death stare he felt directed towards him.

“I have looked everywhere. I looked through all of these papers calmly the first time.  I picked apart this whole house in a very calm matter, it’s obviously time for a new tactic.”

“I’m just saying the trip isn’t until tomorrow, we have  eighteen hours to find your passport, stop stressing.”

“Oh, okay because I don’t need sleep.. I will just calmly look through this house again and through the car again and again and again, no problem. I can operate on endless loop, why not?” Sophia walked over to the sofa and let herself drop into a careless lump. She looked defeated but calm so Phillip started to walk over to her. Sophia looked up at him with sadness in her eyes. She let out a big sigh and then proceeded to pick up one of their many throw pillows, she  raised it to her face and began to scream into it. Phillip finished crossing over and sat waiting until she finished.

“Do you feel better now?”

“Yes. Kinda.”

“Sophie we will find it, and if we don’t…….”

“No, I can’t miss this trip Phillip! I’ve wanted to go to France my whole damn life and I…….” Sophie voice erupted into sobs that shook her tiny frame. When Phillip started to rub her shoulders, she didn’t protest. He bent his head and kissed the back of her neck.

“We will find it.”


“No buts, we will find it,” he placed his fingers under her chin and raised her face up to him.  He looked into her green eyes, still swimming with tears,and smiled, “We will find it.”

Sophia gave him a small smile in return and dried her eyes with her hand before using one of her sleeves to dry her nose, “Okay. Phillip?”


“I’m sorry, I know I can be  really witchy sometimes.”

Phillip smiled at the thought that crossed his mind but said,”No worries my Sophie, you know I love you. Now lets sort this house out okay?”


Story Dam

Written for the Story Dam prompt this week, Where is it? 🙂 Constructive concrit welcome, as always…….


Twenty minutes later Amy was staring at herself in the mirror of the ladies bathroom at work. She  stayed until Sheila from customer service walked in and then Amy pretended to mess with her hair before finally walking into the party.

The room was packed and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” was blaring from the office speakers.  Several of the people from her department had huddled near the Christmas tree and Dave was cracking jokes while the others laughed just a little too hard at them. Amy made her way across the room to where the drinks were set up and poured herself a diet coke before settling in a corner to people watch.

Liam was the center of a group near the food table being dazzling as usual. Amy sighed as she watched him throw his head back to laugh, her eyes trailed him from  his golden, tousled hair to his chiseled cheekbones down to the very smart yet casual vest, tie and pants  he wore. He was drinking his customary vodka and ice and every once in a while he stopped talking to take a sip, swirl the cubes in his glass and then go on with what he was saying.

“These parties are always lame don’t you think?”

The voice startled Amy and she blinked before focusing on the man before her. Slicked black hair, glasses and a suit with jacket, it was Micheal, the new guy. 

“They’re not too bad, I guess. I don’t usually come to them but I didn’t have anything else to do so.”

“Well I’m glad you’re here, I didn’t know which group to try breaking into when I saw you. You don’t mind the company do you?” He got closer to her and leaned his back against the wall, sliding down a little. He took a sip of  egg nog that she had been tempted by but avoided because it smelt so strongly of whiskey.

“I don’t mind but I’m not really the best conversationalist. ”

Micheal smiled and they watched the others for a minute, Amy braced herself for him to say”Well it was nice talking with you” and then walking away but it never happened.

Susan walked in to the party then, stylishly late of course, she was wearing a metallic,  sequined mini dress that bounced the lights off her as she walked. Her hair was perfect, like something from a  shampoo commercial and Amy smiled to see a mistletoe headband nestled there among the  red waves. It didn’t surprise her to see Susan walk straight to Liam’s circle or to see someone run to fetch her a drink. 

 “If this was highschool, those two would so be the prom queen and king.”

Amy smiled as she kept her eyes fastened to Liam,”I know, they are slightly irritatingly perfect but at least Liam is nice, Susan not so much.”

Liam happened to look over at that moment and flashed her one of his 100 watt smiles. Amy was frozen until he looked away and flashed the same smile at Susan who had been fiddling with her drink before that.   Amy felt silly and really, really hoped that she hadn’t turned red like a school girl with a crush. She took a big gulp of her soda and chewed on an ice cube.

Micheal hadn’t missed the moment. He had watched as Amy’s green eyes sparkled with Liam’s recognization of her and then saw them fade as he looked away.       

“Can I get you another drink? What are you drinking anyway?”

“Thank you, If you could get me a Crown and coke, that would be really,really great of you.”

Story Dam

Take it either direction, but let’s have those holiday office party stories (outside the office is fine also.) There’s a certain level of cheer or disgust that comes with the conversations during these gatherings. Make us feel it.

Limit is 600 words. Link back up on Thursday.

Dam Burst – Good, bad, joyous or depressed, take us with your character to the holiday party or festival. Use as much internal or external dialogue as you can. (Fiction or non-fiction is your choice)

Wet Feet – Practice drawing your inspiration and details from personal experience, but write it in a way that does not make it you in the story. It doesn’t have to be fiction, but if this is based on you, write it from the perspective of someone else in the room. This will be a challenge for some of us, but it will be a helpful trick to use for other writing you may want to do. Try to use some dialogue in the piece.

Staring at Wallpaper

My focus is on  the ornate wallpaper covered in gold paisley in front of me. I study it  with my full attention drawn to the sheen that makes it shimmer in the light that my livingroom window casts on it.  I wonder  if it would be classed as a burgundy or more of a wine?

I’m stalling, I need to do a load of laundry because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for two days now but I have a problem. My apartment’s laundry room is located downstairs and across  the complex. I will have to leave my safe apartment and go out there with other people, in the daylight with other people. My basket is right here all ready and full of clothes, I have a container full of quarters here in my cardigan pocket. I have been clutching my apartment keys in my left hand for the past twenty minutes.

All I have to do  is get up, pick up the damn basket, open the door, close it, lock it and head down stairs. I’ll walk as far away from the buildings as I can to avoid the shady looking guys that like to wait outside their apartments. I will pass the pool and that’ll give me something to look at until I am at the  laundry room. It will be fine. It’s just doing laundry and I need to do laundry sometime. I cannot spend all day sitting here staring at wallpaper and trying to get up the courage to go out there. That is what happened to yesterday and  I don’t get any braver as the minutes tick by. I’m just going to do it.

I stand up and walk over to my basket in the hallway in front of the door. I pick it up and  steady it against my hip and get my keys ready. I open my door, it’s cloudy but the sun seems so bright.

I step outside and my heart is racing, my keys are ready but I fumble with them, keys have always been my enemy. There, the door is locked  and I walk up to the head of the stairs and look down. They waver under me. I tighten my grip on  my laundry basket and I hold my keys so that  one is sticking straight out the way they taught me in defense class. If someone attacks me I can use my key to poke out their eye. The key shakes in my hand.

“Are you okay?”

The man’s voice shocks me, he must be the new tenant I heard moving into the apartment next to mine. I try to look up at him but all I can is his silhouette. I stand there shaking and silent like an idiot.

“Miss? Are you okay?”

I clutch the stair rail harder because I feel like I’ll swoon at any minute. I think that I nod yes but all I really care about is getting back inside. My head is full of clanging warning bells and red flashes. I have to get back inside. I push past the silhouette with my key still sticking out. I manage to open my door before I drop it and then pick up quickly almost emptying my laundry basket in the process. I kick the two t-shirts that have fallen out into my apartment and shut the door hard behind me. I slump to the floor and throw the basket down in the hallway again. My knees rise up to my chest and I hug them tightly there.

I stare at the  wallpaper again before I lay my head down on my shoulder. I see it’s pattern clearly for a minute before hot tears blur it out.


Written for the Puzzle Piece photo prompt for Story Dam. This is my first time participating in this comunity so hopefully I followed the prompt correctly! My limit was 600 words but this came out to 601 or 602.

Story Dam