I hope you don’t mind #PPF

I do not have anything new of my own to share today- we(the girls and I) are busy getting our plots ready to plant our garden in very soon and I haven’t really been up to much besides that and our normal happenings. (I have big, probably unrealistic hopes for this year-I want a veggie patch,a flower patch and a sunflower house for my Littles.)

My husband however, has been very busy adding to his Youtube channel so I hope you don’t mind me sharing what he has been up to. (As he has no blog of his own.)

This is one of his newest (he drew and posted it today) and one of my favorites so far, but it’s a little long(20 minutes)

You might have to scan ahead if you want to watch it but don’t want to watch the full thing.

Again, hoping that this is okay and I hope to have my own work to share come next Friday!


Love breath,#PPF

Quick sketch I did this morning, I think it would make a fun painting.

Love breath

Worked on this before Valentine’s day but finished it just this week.

It seems like ages since I last did a Paint Party Friday(most probably because it has been ages!) I haven’t been as productive as I would like to have been.

A sudden urge to clean absolutely everything and get caught up on laundry(our washing machine was broken for three weeks and we tried to get by washing the bare minimal at our laundromat). I couldn’t put my finger on it but I’ve been really restless and wanting everything tidy and organized I want to have a fresh start before we carry on through the year…then my daughter was telling me that the first day of Spring falls on the 20th of this month and I had to chuckle. I’m not going crazy(yet) my body was just telling me that I needed to do some Spring cleaning.

It’s not glamorous or anything but it is needed this year I have been a little lapse in keeping on top of everything. Besides the catching up I’m also trying to introduce a family rhythm- not a schedule those do not work for us! Just a loose routine to follow on certain days. I think it’ll be good for the kids especially my youngest.

Hopefully when I come out of my temporary fog I will be ready to write and paint at more regular intervals I’m just fleshing out what the best time of the day for that is as my drop everything and do this right now method was not working for me or us! I’ve set up a little office nook in a corner of our living room and am thinking of ways to make our garage more friendly place to paint.

I’ve missed Paint Party Friday and also some writing communities while I’ve been away and because I enjoy it so much and you do so much to keep me inspired I’m making it a priority to participate again sooner than later!  (Starting with this submission for PPF 😉

Can’t wait to enjoy lots of wonderful artwork tonight!

#PPF Progress on the tree lady

My progress on tree lady for the week, I haven’t really given her much time. I did some painting yesterday but that was it for the week.  My tree lady is almost done, I want to add more leaves on the branches and I need to sort out her hair. I’m having a lot of trouble making it pop from the branches!

Linking this to Paint Party Friday, one of the favorite times of my week lately. Click on the link below to visit loads of awesome artists sharing what they have been working on lately. 🙂

Tree Lady (Paint Party Friday)

I had such a great time last weekend visiting new (to me) blogs! Y’all really inspired me to try to fit painting/doodling/drawing in to my life whenever I could. This last week I did a little work on two new wine bottles.

I hope to finish those next week.

I also started a new painting:

It started off looking a little scary, I just wanted a rough idea to fill in- the background is something that I started last year in August and  then just left till now.

I like her face here- after working into it some more I actually miss the softness, this happens a lot, I need to learn when to stop I think.

The same pretty much, I just added blue to the background.

Below is where I am now on the painting, I still have a lot to do but I wanted to share her at this stage.  I can’t wait to see what everyone is working on!