While I was gone…

I have been gone from this space and my other..forever. And yes that is a slight exaggeration- but only slight.

There are reasons, my keyboard being left on our coach while I got up to make a coffee and then ending up getting stepped on, possibly even jumped on and becoming unusable was one of them. But I found an extra one late last week so I hope to be back and writing on a regular basis. (Yay! Trust me I need the outlet- there are pages of barely readable (I have horrible handwriting) very badly written  poetry lying around the house that prove that fact.

When not writing horrid poems I also got caught up on all the episodes of Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time that I had missed, thank you online streaming. 🙂

When I wasn’t completely  immersed in that magic  I was finishing my painting(tree lady), getting frustrated with my remaining painted wine bottles- they’re just not coming out like I wanted,making a few clay dolls (some of which have actually not gotten broken) and sewing felt plays capes for my youngest daughter’s fairy dolls.

Which is actually something I feel comfortable giving a lot of time to right now- the sewing, crafting stuff I mean. I go through …seasons? Sometimes I want to write a lot and sometimes I want to paint a lot and sometimes I just want to craft(all day but pesky things like feeding people and having clean clothes interrupt). I think that maybe I never truly excel in anything because it is impossible for me to devote myself completely to one area- I’m fickle. I’m working on it.

I’m about to post something I did manage to write for my writing group last week. It was a godsend that I picked a 30 minute prompt to work on rather than chose to submit a longer piece. It meant that I was able to borrow my husband’s computer for thirty minutes and I had the added bonus of him keeping an eye on the time for me- he’s working on a new website for custom tattoos and running into issues- tearing him away from his screen for 30 minutes was almost pushing my luck. 😉

I need to work on a schedule, I say this to myself way too many times  but I do feel the need for one. There are just so many things that I want to find the time for and so many things that I feel like I should make time for- I’d like very much to not feel stressed about any of it. I want more stillness in my life but I’m so naturally all over the place myself I find that a hard thing to imagine.

Didn’t my last post promise no more rambling?


2 comments on “While I was gone…

  1. dmmacilroy says:

    HI Lyd,

    So here I am again, checking the feed, reading you.

    There’s never enough time to do all we want, is there? Just remember to breathe deep and revel in each moment. Now is the only time there ever is.



  2. justlyd says:

    I think I just need to prioritize.and sometimes say no- I am not good at doing that! I must remember to Breathe it’s on my list of resolutions for this year.. You are very right, this is the only time we get so we better make the most of it!

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