I’ve been feeling off lately- it’s why I haven’t updated either of my blogs- I have ideas but putting them to paper hasn’t been happening. Thankfully that doesn’t mean that I’ve not been painting or writing off-blog.

I’ve recently become a member of a local writing group that I met through Nanowrimo. Taking part in the meetings has been really helpful towards making makeself carve out time for my writing.  I was inspired to start working on a Dystopian novel(or short story, seeing where it goes!) The group is fabulous and full of very talented writers so I’m trying my best not to let my two or three demons out to dampen that for me.

Depression, Feelings of Inadequacy and Social Phobia are my nemesis. They strike out whenever they can(usually when I’m trying to pursue growth)and I’m just willing them to go away and leave me alone this time.

I’ve also decided to show some of my artwork at the Chicken Farm (local art hangout) tomorrow. I just dove into that and am hoping for the best! Bear with me I won’t always ramble, I promise.


5 comments on “Ramblings

  1. Christi Snow says:

    No feelings of doubt or inadequacy allowed. You are an amazingly talented artist and writer and are a WONDERFUL addition to our group!!! (btw, I completely understand your feelings…usually the Tues before a mtg, I wonder what the heck I am doing in this group with the same doubts.) I’ve never gone out to the chicken ranch…that’s wonderful that you are going to put some pieces out there. Good for you!!! smiles…

  2. justlyd says:

    Thank you for understanding,just thank you!:)

  3. writingchellestyle says:

    How awesome that you jumped into showing your art work!!!!! A friend and I were just talking today about how nerve wracking it can be when you show your work to others but how much you can benefit from the feedback.

    I like rambling, so ramble away. Lol. I have my rambling days as well. Sometimes ya just gotta ramble. (like I’m doing right now. 🙂

    Have a great weekend and a blast at your art show. Let us know how it went.

    • Lydia says:

      Thank you so much Chelle! It actually went okay we got awesome feedback even though we didn’t really sell anything- horrible weather kept most people at home so it didn’t bother us. I definately agree though it is hard to put yourself out there sometimes in writing and in art!

      • writingchellestyle says:

        Yay! You have your art out there now.
        I’ve been there with the bad weather keeping people from coming out. There’s always next time!

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