Where is it?!!!

Sophia picked up the magazine from off the coffee table and shook it, when nothing came out she flung it aside and continued picking up papers and throwing each in turn.

“Whoa there, you never going to find it if you freak out like this, just calm down a little bit.” Phillip bent down to pick up the thrown aside items and ignored the death stare he felt directed towards him.

“I have looked everywhere. I looked through all of these papers calmly the first time.  I picked apart this whole house in a very calm matter, it’s obviously time for a new tactic.”

“I’m just saying the trip isn’t until tomorrow, we have  eighteen hours to find your passport, stop stressing.”

“Oh, okay because I don’t need sleep.. I will just calmly look through this house again and through the car again and again and again, no problem. I can operate on endless loop, why not?” Sophia walked over to the sofa and let herself drop into a careless lump. She looked defeated but calm so Phillip started to walk over to her. Sophia looked up at him with sadness in her eyes. She let out a big sigh and then proceeded to pick up one of their many throw pillows, she  raised it to her face and began to scream into it. Phillip finished crossing over and sat waiting until she finished.

“Do you feel better now?”

“Yes. Kinda.”

“Sophie we will find it, and if we don’t…….”

“No, I can’t miss this trip Phillip! I’ve wanted to go to France my whole damn life and I…….” Sophie voice erupted into sobs that shook her tiny frame. When Phillip started to rub her shoulders, she didn’t protest. He bent his head and kissed the back of her neck.

“We will find it.”


“No buts, we will find it,” he placed his fingers under her chin and raised her face up to him.  He looked into her green eyes, still swimming with tears,and smiled, “We will find it.”

Sophia gave him a small smile in return and dried her eyes with her hand before using one of her sleeves to dry her nose, “Okay. Phillip?”


“I’m sorry, I know I can be  really witchy sometimes.”

Phillip smiled at the thought that crossed his mind but said,”No worries my Sophie, you know I love you. Now lets sort this house out okay?”


Story Dam

Written for the Story Dam prompt this week, Where is it? 🙂 Constructive concrit welcome, as always…….


12 comments on “Where is it?!!!

  1. SAM says:

    I wonder if they will find it. If not, I hope they have time to get her another one. Great writing on this, Lyd. You started off frantic and kept the pace going. It worked very well for this piece.

  2. SAM says:

    I still really like this. 😉

    I’m glad to see you at Story Dam!!

  3. Oh, man. Hope she makes it. I can completely relate to the tearing apart of the house after a calm search proves fruitless.

  4. Renee says:

    I want to hear the thought that crossed his mind.
    Hope they find that passport. Hope Sophie can keep her calm.

    I like the switch from angry/frantic/panic to calm with a side of hope.

  5. Your story may seem frantic at first but to me it’s really about a very sweet couple. I love that Phillip knows exactly how she is, “witchy,” and knows just what to do or say to calm her down. And that Sophie also knows herself and knows he’s there for her. Very sweet.

  6. Carrie says:

    I saw some similar frantic searching just this evening as my husband was getting ready to leave and kept forgetting things…and then setting them down and not knowing where 🙂

    Great portrayal of that frustration and anger, especially when you are missing something very important.

  7. Satu says:

    I remember a frantic trip to the German embassy in London when I lost my wallet with my ID card just on the day I was planning to go back home for the holidays. I can relate to Sophie’s panic. Of course the wallet re-emerged once I had paid a s**tload of money having all my papers reissued. 😀

  8. jesterqueen1 says:

    I’m terrible at finding things. I can NEVER stay calm. At all. Even a little. I loved the way you showed Sophias growing hysteria as she threw aside thing after thing after thing. I also love the interaction between her and Phillip. They were a very believable couple. “careless lump” kind of caught me off guard. I got the point that she was exhausted and giving up, but I wasn’t sure if I felt like she was really careless. That was a minor hitch, though, and I loved the way Phillip reacted when she screamed into the pillow. I’d like to know what he thought, too!

  9. justlyd says:

    Ha, I think I’ve had something like this happen to me about a million times! But never with our passports, my husband doesn’t trust me with them! Rene his thought was not a nice one ut he didn’t really mean it in the end,his thoughts just went their involuntarily…. 🙂

  10. Brandi says:

    Oh I hope they found it!
    I’ve been in her shoes though, and what was a clean orderly house was turned into something resembling an episode of hoarders. I hate not being able to find something, I’ve lost several hours of sleep over misplaced shot records, birth certificates, etc. So I could totally feel her frustration, I’m sure Brandon would say he could relate to Phillip 😉

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