Happy New Years!

Do you know how it is when you make a few gifts for people for Christmas and then realize that you can’t give them out without making gifts for a couple  more people and then you basically drive yourself insane to make 35 stocking stuffers for your family members in two weeks? (Which is completely crazy because at a huge Christmas party when everyone’s busy opening big bulky presents no one really notices if their weird aunt who likes to make stuff made a cousin something, but anyway.)   Something like that happened and made me step away from writing for a while. Next Christmas I’m not doing it again unless I start way, way earlier. (I honestly think I just like finding ways to make myself a little crazy or something. It’s called theskyisfallingitis I think, but that was last year and that’s all done for…probably.) Now that I’m all rested I’m ready to dive into writing and reading again.

This is a shiny new year all full of hope and promise and for me,  promises to start working out again, write more, paint and create more, live more authentically and to simplify.

I don’t want to call any of those resolutions, so I’ll just call them good intentions and leave it at that. There’s a lot to be excited for in this  year and I’m choosing to focus on all of that and not so much on anything remotely doomsday2012ish despite my husband’s best attempts to make me do otherwise.

Have you made any resolutio………… I mean do you have any good intentions for the new year? 🙂


One comment on “Happy New Years!

  1. SAM says:

    I think its a busy time for everyone. I am still trying to get the grand finale to my series put up and it’s only half written. I’m SO HAPPY school starts back up tomorrow.

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