Evaporated (100-words, Flash Friday)

“Get off of this bus this instant, young lady!” Mommy stood in the aisle clenching her lips into a hard red line and tapping a high heeled leg.
“Momma, I can’t I just can’t he’s out there.”
“Come on lady, get your kid moving, some of us have a job to go to,” someone yelled.
“Oh pipe down, you. Stacey Marie Thompson if this is about that little boy from school who’s a little odd, I do not want to hear it. Get up and get off the bus, now.”
So I did and now she’s gone.
Written for the 100 word challenge photo prompted challenge that Madison Wood hosts every Friday. Check it out to find what others have written up for this, great place to find awesome 100 word flash fiction and also to contribute your own.

Of Fairy Love

The sound of  damp leaves squished to the right of her. She flushed all over with  a mixture of fear and anticipation before her eyes made out the shape before her.

“It’s only me.”

“Of course, I mean I knew it was you.” Fiona turned slightly and pretended to be very interested in the tree she had been leaning upon. Her fingers trailed the bumpy bark, every now and then halting when it pierced her sensitive  flesh with it’s roughness. She smiled when she felt him move closer to her. He stood behind her and reached over, placing his fingers atop hers. His fingers stayed a moment before they grazed up her arm sending shivers deep inside of her. She turned to face him, which was exactly what he wanted.

“If you knew it was me, Princess, then why was fear so brightly flashing in your eyes?”  His fingers left her arm and touched her cheek instead as his smile met her own, but then she wrinkled her nose which made him laugh softly.

“Please, Ryder, do not call me Princess. We both know those days are long past. I am just Fiona now.

“Ah, but you will always be a princess to me, with one difference, now we can be together.”

“I’m afraid that title or no, my father would say different.”

“Then we will wait until he changes his mind, I have known that you were made for me the first time that I set eyes on you. Tell me that you didn’t feel the same?”

“We both felt that bolt,you know this, it tore my world apart. But  I am here aren’t I? It’s just complicated, I’m sure that you have heard this but King Alistair has asked for my hand. You know that this would restore my family, you must know how torn I feel. They are my duty but you are my heart.” Fiona’s lip quivered and the trails of glitters streaked her face before she brushed them away in a puff that dusted the air around them.


He moved to fold  her into his arms and she let him, she rested her head against his chest and sighed contentment. When she looked up into his eyes there were still traces of glitter there but he kissed them away and then kissed her lips gently.

The moon hung large in the sky waiting for their next move….

Linking this to the Bloggy Mom Writer’s Workshop, this week’s prompt was,”Write about whatever you want, but it MUST end with this line: “The moon hung large in the sky waiting for their next move.”

#PPF Progress on the tree lady

My progress on tree lady for the week, I haven’t really given her much time. I did some painting yesterday but that was it for the week.  My tree lady is almost done, I want to add more leaves on the branches and I need to sort out her hair. I’m having a lot of trouble making it pop from the branches!

Linking this to Paint Party Friday, one of the favorite times of my week lately. Click on the link below to visit loads of awesome artists sharing what they have been working on lately. 🙂

Tree Lady (Paint Party Friday)

I had such a great time last weekend visiting new (to me) blogs! Y’all really inspired me to try to fit painting/doodling/drawing in to my life whenever I could. This last week I did a little work on two new wine bottles.

I hope to finish those next week.

I also started a new painting:

It started off looking a little scary, I just wanted a rough idea to fill in- the background is something that I started last year in August and  then just left till now.

I like her face here- after working into it some more I actually miss the softness, this happens a lot, I need to learn when to stop I think.

The same pretty much, I just added blue to the background.

Below is where I am now on the painting, I still have a lot to do but I wanted to share her at this stage.  I can’t wait to see what everyone is working on!