Family Secrets 8

“Knock, knock.”

“Hi Daddy! I didn’t hear you get here.”

“Just got here a minute ago, your mom said you had a bookshelf that needed fixing right away?”

“Ha, no not right away. I just mentioned it so I wouldn’t forget it later. It’s this one here, the leg popped off this morning.”

“I’m not surprised; look at all these books! Poor thing didn’t have a chance. Hmm, it looks like this leg was just glued on. I think I may take it to the garage, take it apart and then put it back together with screws.”

“Dad, I don’t want you to go to all that trouble. I would’ve just put it back on myself, but I couldn’t find the wood glue.”

“Hmm, this could probably use some sanding too. Do you like this varnish or would you rather have it painted a certain color? This would be good in turquoise and I have some paint left over from that room I painted.”

Lucy nodded but didn’t say anymore, she just helped her father take the books off her shelf and place them in stacks along the wall. It would be a while before she saw her bookshelf again but she knew it was father’s way to get wrapped up into a project when there was stress in the house. Her father’s family viewed ghosts or even believing in such a thing as  superstitious and evil. He knew her mother’s family history with apparitions, he even knew that some of his children had a tendency for seeing such things, but he liked to ignore this the best way that he could. To this day He claimed to not be able to see faces in her sister’s cabinet, though he was the only person who would say that. It was the family joke that “the ladies” as they had been dubbed kept themselves hidden from Don Julian.

Twenty minutes later Lucy knocked at her mother’s door before pushing it fully open and walking in.

“Mom? Tia Rosa called when you were taking a shower; she didn’t want to leave a message but needs you to call her back right away.”

Lucy stayed in the room until her mom got off the phone and then asked about the call with her eyes.

Janie cleared her throat and placed one hand on the wall before looking up at her daughter through her tears. “It’s your Grandma, Lucy, she’s passed on.”

The last word caught in her throat and her next sound was not made up of words, it was a deep guttural cry that spoke of her anguish, of her heart being shattered. Her mother was dead and she had just missed being there when it happened.  She hadn’t had enough time with her.

“I know Mama, I’ so sorry. It’ll be okay, oh Mama, I know.”

Lucy held her mother through the crying that shook her whole body. Lucy cried too, in silence, she didn’t want her mom to know that she was crying or to hold anything back for her sake. Lucy cried more for her own mother’s pain then for her grandma’s passing. She didn’t know her well enough to feel her loss as her mother did, but she had never seen her mother like this and it made her world feel very unsure.

This is a continuation of my Nanowrimo novel, for part 7 go here, for part 9 go here. All other posts for this can be found on the A Family Secret page. Thanks for reading!


4 comments on “Family Secrets 8

  1. DM says:

    When you go back to edit, dive into these emotions, really dive into them, bring them out and up and show us why her world suddenly felt so unsure.

    Your story is moving along really well. I’m thoroughly involved and impatient for Chapter 9!

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