A Family Secret:Chapter 6 continued

Janie just nodded and sipped her coffee though it had grown cold now. “Nate, that dog you saw, don’t you think it was strange how that happened so soon after Cata disappeared?”

“Well yes, I did. But now, I don’t know sometimes I feel like this whole town is haunted. My son Thomas told me something interesting the other day, something he heard on the radio on his way to work. You know him my oldest? He’s working in Illinois now. Anyway it’s October so the station has been telling a real life ghost story every evening until Halloween. And the announcer told this story about a group of convicts who had escaped from prison and took a monastery hostage. For three days the police surrounded that monastery waiting for those convicts to give up and come out. They finally became so concerned for the monks that they broke in. When they searched the monastery they found no convicts, but they did find a group of monks circling several chairs that had been tied together over and over again while they chanted. They would say nothing to the police about what happened to the convicts and the officers had to just walk away baffled about the whole thing. Of course there were warrants issued for their arrest, but those convicts showed up in a Texas police station giving themselves up for arrest three days later. They were disorientated and disheveled, they looked ashen and gaunt though they had only been missing for a short period of time. The convicts when questioned said that somehow those monks had sent them to hell and that they had been tortured before they were shown out through the back door of hell. They had no idea how long they had been gone or where they were now, they just knew that it was the exit way to where they had been.”

“Okay, that is a strange story but what’s your point?”

“ Janie, the town mentioned, the exit way to hell, was here.”

It was barely six o’clock but thanks to it being Fall, it was already dark outside. Out in the country, the darkness seemed to drown out everything, and soon all that was visible was the stretch of road being lit by the car’s headlights.

“I just don’t know what to think of it all.” said Janie

Lucy was driving them home from Nate’s house, it was Janie’s car but she didn’t trust herself to drive, she felt shaky.

“That can’t be a true story mom. It’s just too awful to think about.”

“I don’t know. That radio station Thomas heard the story on is a national one; I don’t think they would just make something up like that. What got me is that they mentioned our town straight out, I mean how many people have even heard of Raven’s Creek? “

“Our teeny tiny in the middle of nowhere town, Raven’s Creek, population six hundred and forty something? No one has heard of us. But I wouldn’t make too big a deal about that,Mom. Chances are someone just saw our town’s name somewhere and thought it looked catchy or something. If we really are located on the exit out of hell, I’m moving so I probably do not want to know, you know?”

“I do know and that makes two of us. Lucy, watch out!”

Lucy swerved at the last minute and missed hitting a large buck stood in the middle of the road. The light shown in the deer’s eyes giving it an eerie appearance as it stood and locked them in his gaze.

Lucy pulled over and got out to make sure she hadn’t grazed the large animal. The car seemed fine and so did the buck. He stood still and watched them for a moment and then continued slowly across the road.

Janie opened her door and stuck her head out. “Lucy get back into this car, it’s getting dark, tas loca?”

Lucy got back in and snapped her belt on. I know it was stupid to get out, I just didn’t want to drive away if I had hit that deer, that’s all.”

“Lucy if you had hit that deer, you would know it. A buck that size can total a car like this and just jump up and go on its way without a scratch afterward. They’re built like tanks those animals. It didn’t even seem scared of us, people in this area must be feeding them or something. When I was young deer were a lot more skittish. Oh, and don’t ever get out of a car to check anything on a road like this. It’s dark and narrow here and there are no street lights. Any idiot racing through here would hit you before they even noticed you standing there.”

“Okay mom I get it. I’m sorry, I didn’t think. Let’s just get home before we hit a horse or something.”

This is a continuation of my Nanowrimo novel, for the part before this go here, for part 7 go here. All other posts for this can be found on the A Family Secret page. Thanks for reading!


3 comments on “A Family Secret:Chapter 6 continued

  1. DM says:

    Hahaha. I was thinking a bit more sinister with the dark road, but I love the mother daughter banter you have going.

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