A Family Secret:Chapter 3

It was funny but Lucy had always seemed to be full of fear. Her mother didn’t know if she had somehow doted on her more and made her this way, or if it was just who she was. When she was born Lucy had been the smaller of the  twins and it is true that Janie had been a lot more careful with her then she had ever been with her other children. Twins worried her anyway, her mother had a set of twins before she was born and both had only lived a week. Her sister Maria had given birth to twins and they had died in their teens by drowning. When she learned that she was going to have twins herself, and have them so late in life she was full of fear for them. That fear seemed to be bottled up inside of Lucy. And yet, she did ask to hear the stories. They scared her much more then they scared her brother, but she still listened to them, still asked to hear them herself sometimes. Maybe somewhere there was some bravery in Lucy, it just had to be woken up.


Lucy jumped back and then realizing that it was just her brother messing with her again, she scowled and tried closing the closet door on him.

“You’re so stupid!”

“Ha, you’re so funny! I’ve never seen anyone jump that high before. Ha ha ha.”

“That’s fine have you’re laughs I’m just on edge today that’s all.”

“I figured, why do you think I hid in here til y’all got back? Lucy, why did you come back anyway? I thought you were going to spend the night with Martha at Sandra’s house.”

“Ugh. Don’t even mention that. I’m never going back to that haunted house again, I don’t see how Sandra can live there.”

“What? What happened? C’mon Luce spill, or else!”

Lucy was quiet for a minute while Abel waited patiently but he fionally lost patience.


“Shh. I don’t even know really it happened so fast. Sandra and her husband were fighting over something stupid in the kitchen and I was at the table wishing they wouldn’t do that while I was there and then all of a sudden..”

“What? “

“Well, all of a sudden faces started popping out of that wooden cabinet that divides the kitchen in half.”

“You’re full of it.”

“I’m not kidding! They came out one by one. They came all the way out of the cabinets and then became part of the cabinet! And the whole time those two kept arguing without even noticing. It was around the time the third one popped out that I finally found my voice and started freaking out. They stopped and just looked at me like I was the crazy one. Meanwhile two more faces popped in and out while they just stood there.”

“Aw Lucy you imagined that. Or you made it up to make them stop fighting.”

“I didn’t! My yelling made Martha come out and then they all stopped and saw what I was talking about.”

“What more faces popped out?”

“No. The faces were still there. They’re like engrained into the wood now- everyone saw it right away and got freaked out too.”

“So what are they doing now?”

“Bah, you know Sandra by the time Ma came to pick me up she had decided that the faces had always been there and that we just hadn’t noticed them before. Case closed.”

“No way!”

“I kid you not. Ma saw them too but she didn’t say much. She had a talk to Sandra about how their fighting was probably stirring up negative energy. And she told me in the car how if she were still a Catholic she’d have called a preist to come bless the house.”

“Damn. That sucks.”

“I know! Its so freaky! I told Martha she should spend the night at ourn house instead but I guess she didn’t want to leave her mom. I’m sure it’s bothering Sandra more then she’ll let on.”

“Yeah, that’s all bad but I that’s not what I mean. How come the biggest scaredy cat in our whole family got to see something and me who actually whats to see something never has? That’s what sucks.”

Lucy punched her brother’s arm lightly.

“You’re such a ding dong. I tell you what next time you stay at our crazy sister’s haunted house, I dare you.”

“Heck no, I’m more scared of her then I’d ever be of any ghost! Ha her temper probably woke the dang things up!”

Lucy laughed and she knew that she was already feeling better. She was lucky to have a brother who always made her laugh her fears away. She needed that in this family.


2 comments on “A Family Secret:Chapter 3

  1. DM says:

    I love this connection between the brother and the sister!

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