A Family Secret 2

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women,

But then she heard it again that night and the night after. Every night was a repeat of the night before, water running dishes clanging. On the third night she made sure to look around her. As soon as her eyes adjusted to the dark she could make out the sleeping figures around her. Her youngest sister Janie was in the bed beside her. She lay there with one hand under her head, the other hanging halfway off the bed; her dark hair draped their pillow.  Across from them slept her older sisters, Maria and Anna. They were not twins although it was hard for most people who were not family members to know that. They were both almost the same height and both were slim. They both wore their hair the same way, sleeping in curlers every night so that it would be curled under in the morning. She couldn’t see them but she was sure that her mother slept in the room next to them that her brother slept in the living room. All of all sudden the washing stopped and her heart stalled, she was overcome with fear all of a sudden so she covered her head with her  blankets  and  prayed Hail Marys till she fell asleep.

The next morning she still felt shaken by it. She mentioned it to her younger sister on the way to Saint Mary’s.  “Have you heard anything strange at night? Like someone washing dishes?”  Janie gave her a weird look before answering.

“ Nah,I never heard nothing. “C’mon race me to the school, I bet I’ll beat you.”

“Shh, just wait a minute I’m serious. Every night I hear someone washing dishes. It’s not momma, I asked her already. I know it’s not the sisters because they were sleeping in bed last night and I’m sure it wasn’t brother.”

“Ha! As if! He’d wake one of us to wash dishes before he ever did!”

“Exactly, so who’s washing dishes all night long?”

“A ghost?”

Cathy thought for a minute. “Oh c’mon! Have you ever  in your life heard of a ghost washing  dishes?  That’s crazy!   Now race me, the nuns are gonna let us have it if we are late again!!”

Cathy watched her sister run ahead, she’d have to jog after her soon if she didn’t want  be bullied all day about it, but she didn’t feel like running. Thinking that the might have a ghost  gave her  chills. All  of  a sudden, the road they walked to school on every  morning seemed very dark and quiet. They always had to pass through this empty stretch of  tree lined  road and  it  had   never  bothered  her  before.  A gust of wind picked up an armful of leaves and whistled in between the trees .  It sounded like mournful singing and Cathy felt goose bumps up and down her arms.  She suddenly felt like running. “Janie, wait up!


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