A Family Secret 1

Hail Mary,

Full of Grace

Water running and the sound of dishes clanging against each other wasn’t supposed to be a scary sound but it terrified her.

Every night for the past two weeks as soon as everyone was asleep it started. First the water tap in the kitchen was turned on, and then the dishes began to be washed, each dish hitting another in the process.

The first night she heard it and wondered why her mother would be washing dishes so late. What dishes was she even washing? Her mother always washed dishes as they got dirty. A sink full of dishes to be washed was not a sight anyone saw in the DeLeon household. And yet there was that sound, water running and splashing, dishes and pots clanging.

The next morning she was making a school lunch for her and her sister when she caught the sound of her mother getting ready for work. She was happy to have the chance to ask  her momma about it.

 “Tas donta, you’re crazy, no one was washing dishes last night, especially not me!”

“But momma, I heard someone washing dishes, I know I did!”

“Maybe you dreamed it all.”

“I didn’t! I was wide awake and everyone was asleep but someone was washing dishes, I swear it.”

Her mother’s eyes slitted,” Cata, what have I said about swearing? We  don’t swear, ever. And I don’t know who was washing dishes, maybe it was the rats. Finish making those biscuits and make sure to wake your sister in time for school, I have to go.” Her mother started for the door and then turned back and kissed her roughly on the forehead.

“No more stories, okay?”

“Okay.” But it wasn’t a story, not that she’d argue with her momma. No one argued with momma.

 There was no point even mentioning it to her older brother. He came inside when the biscuits had just come out of the oven, he grabbed one and muttered when he burnt his mouth on it but kept eating anyway. Her brother was good in general but a real bear in the mornings; she just tried to keep out of his way. Not the easiest thing to do in their tiny, two bedroom house.

She decided she had probably dreamed it and left it alone.


 I’ve decided to share the first part of my Nanowrimo(NationalNovelWritingMonth) novel,three more excerpts will be shared over the next few days. This is a rough novel, there are Spanish spellings throughout that I plan on re-editing later(because I know I’ve misspelled them.) I’m also sure I will have lots more to re-edit later. I just want to share some of what I’m working at so far. 🙂 Also? EEK!


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