And then the whole world shifted

I could have never imagined that we would make it this far. One finger traced his bare back from his shoulder to where the freckles stopped in the middle. I really did love him.

I loved these moments, but I wanted him to be awake. Why did lovemaking make him sleepy and myself so awake? I smiled, remembering our honeymoon when I first discovered this.

 Fingers tracing his arm, my arm I thought. Fingers tracing broad shoulders,these are  my shoulders, I thought. It was just a piece of paper but that piece of paper said that he was mine. And I took joy in claiming him as mine that night with my fingers.

I suddenly wanted to wake him to share my memory, I wanted to hold him and say I loved him as much now as I did then.

It had taken time to get here again.

Years of suspecting he held secrets from me. That had been dismissed and I had moved on and tried to get him to see me again, notice me.

Why do women disappear to their husbands sometimes? I thought. We disappear sometimes, we aren’t interesting enough anymore, we aren’t new.

Well that wasn’t going to happen to me. I worked out, I made an effort, I asked more questions about work or less whatever suited best.

When he stirred in his sleep I noticed my fingers had dug into his skin a little. I slid out of bed, put on my fluffy robe and left him to sleep. The floor was so cold, so I looked for my slippers. One was by the bed the other had gone under it, next to his phone.

It was giving off that annoying beep it made when it was nearly dead. Ugh, he’ll be annoyed if he has a dead phone in the morning, I thought. I grabbed my slipper, threw it on the floor beside the other and slid them both on, I put his silver bullet of a phone into my robe’s pocket.

Beep beeeep it continued there. “Just a second, just a second I hear you,” I muttered. “Oh lord I’m talking to a phone,” I laughed.

I made my way to the kitchen through the dark hallway, I didn’t want to wake anyone.

Beep, beeee beep it sputtered in my pocket. The charger better be in the kitchen, I thought to myself.

Two cats joined me,winding around my legs ready to eat because I was up. “It’s two in the morning dears, that means no breakfast for you, not yet.” And now I’m talking to cats I thought, almost tripping in the kitchen doorway.

Be Be Beeep the phone stuttered. Oh you stupid thing, cut me some slack I thought as I flipped on the light switch near the door.

Yes! His cord is right there on the counter…plugged in which annoys me but at least I won’t have to look for it.

I plugged in the phone mid stutter and watched as the screen flashed awake. There you go are you happy? The cats were getting insistent when I noticed the phone was blinking a message.

Hmm, that’s weird who’d call him so late? It could be an emergency I should probably listen to it in case.

I punched in the pin I knew because he used the same pin for everything, a good thing this time.

“Dave, sweetheart,” said the bubbly voice on the phone, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it- I do hope you found something to do with yourself!” followed by laughter.

And then the whole world shifted.


The above is purely fictional, any resemblance to real life events are just that, a resemblance. This was written for The Red Dress Club prompt:

 This week’s prompt asked you to begin your piece with the words, “I could never have imagined” and end it with “Then the whole world shifted.” And the post totaled 600 words as required.


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