The Mad Hatter

Silly bird, but she did have her strong points; tousled blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and a nice little figure to name a few.

I could still feel her on the places her hands had roamed to before our make out session had been interrupted. Damn annoying that her friend pulled her away like that. It was all fun and games, if a chicky takes me too serious then she probably needs a few lessons on how to read a man anyway. “I am a public service, I offer myself free of charge; one night in paradise with no strings attached.” I chuckled as I remembered my Uni motto and how it had made all the lads cheer.

The door swung open and in walked a fine specimen of lady. She was tall with long brown hair and very fit, the opposite of Blondie who had been petite and curvy; but one wasn’t better then the other. I didn’t have a type, easy to look upon was all I required. One night stands or girls who can be relied on for late night calls is all I wanted.
I watched as she stood in the doorway taking off her coat and placing it on the coat tree that stood nearby. She wore a paisley shirt dress underneath and long black boots, the fetching combo made the most of her long legs.

Lovely, just lovely I thought as I tried to catch her eye. It worked and brought a smile as she walked over and sat herself on a stool next to the one beside me. “Hi.” she offered with another smile.

“Hello, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you here before.”

“In this town how can you tell? It’s huge, I keep making sure to stick around places near the inn or I’m sure I’d end up lost! I’m Dayna by the way.” and she offered her hand.

“I’m Micheal.” I took the hand and shook it, though my first impulse was to kiss it. I couldn’t read her yet. “What brings you to London then? You don’t sound English.”

“You’re right, I’m American. I’m here doing research for my book. I’m loving it here, there’s just so much history. The place I’m staying at it was built in the nineteeth century! But I couldn’t stay in my room one more minute, I was going stir crazy.”she was a little hard to keep up with.

“Wow. Well, that’s interesting.” I smiled.

“I’m sorry, but does that girl at the corner table know you? She keeps looking over here. I can feel her eyes on my skull.” laughed Dayna

I studied the girl for a minute and she blushed bright red and looked away. No, I had never met her, she was just interested in me. I was used to getting looks like that.

“I don’t know her. Can I buy you a drink?” and I scooted my stool a little closer to show my interest in her.

“I’ll have a red wine spritzer. I still have writing to do tonight.” her smile tugged at me. It had been a while since anything tugged at me.

I might have to leave this at just friendly banter and make plans later with the corner girl. She was still looking at me, though I was careful to not show that I could see that. Dayna probably wouldn’t be the type of girl who was easy to forget the next morning which served to disqualify her. I wouldn’t let myself have feelings for another woman, not ever again.


This was a fictional piece for this week’s TRDC prompt,” This week’s assignment was to think of someone – it could be a fictional character, a public figure, someone you know – who gets under your skin, and write a piece from his or her perspective.” Concrit, as always, is welcome.


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