Is it backwards to make an outline after you start your novel?

I’m pretty sure it is. But I’m gonna do it anyway. The problem is that my novel isn’t fleshed in, the characters are beyond sketchy and I kinda just killed off the main character 5 pages into the story.

So I’m stuck. I’m realizing that I like to write short stories so the dilemma of stretching out a storyline isn’t really something that I’m used to.

This sounds like whining but I’m not really feeling whiny, I’m just trying to figure things out out loud(so to speak).

Anyway I found the perfect tool for drafting up an outline here and I’m feeling hopeful.

The novel I am working on will contain several “ghost stories” that happened in real life in my mother’s family. I have always wanted to add more to these, to incorporate them into my own tale and explanation for them. (Not all of the details of the actual happenings just the gist if you get me?)

I’ve been wanting to do this since I was really young and I look forward to seeing  if I’m up to the task so to speak. 🙂


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